Neil David

We design products where the idea is, and stays, the centrepiece of the design process — from beginning to end. You will find geometric forms in many of our products. Construction strategies are also often integrated into the creative process to be a quirky part of the design solution.

All our products are made in the Netherlands. It’s our belief that locally made products are better managed on quality to better fulfil the high expectations of our clients.

"Designed around an idea. Based in Amsterdam, made in the Netherlands”

Neil David Coppens, Designer & Founder


No-nonsense fits our collection, a down to earth mentality. You will recognize these two aspects in the collection.
We like to work with geometric forms and surprise you with quirky and simple details, in particular on the part of how a model is constructed. Of course there is more to tell, but it’s our belief that the products speak for themselves.

Our complete product range is available in any RAL colours, fabric or leather customisation.

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